The Big, The Bad, The SEXY?

“Are you a leecher”, said Goomba?

“Yes”, replied Noob.

“Well no worries, MAGIKOOPA .dll is COMING SOON“, replied Goomba.

P.S. Some people have been wondering if this was replaced with “HAL 9000” and all I can respond with is “Hell no”!


It is here!

God has come down and is now going to save all you poor souls and help you become a coder in no time.

This tutorial is rather lengthy and you should only read it when you have the time. It has chapter’s and is all in order and not mixed up.

Really clean code and really easy to understand.And as a bonus, gave the MAP D/C script with full AOB’s and full bytes (since IronZep = greedy fuck and doesn’t want anyone to update after patch)

Before you go on, please make sure you have the following;

1) Microsoft Word

2) Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

As long as you have Microsoft Word, it is all good as In it has a license key for Visual Studio 2010 so download the ULTIMATE version for visual studio and you will be set!

Download Link:

Password: GameKiller

P.S. The tutorial is not boring at all and is a real fun thing to read on your spare time! A beginner should understand this as I made towards that kind of audience instead of a PRO L33T tut which no one shall understand.

EDIT: I HAVE RE READ MY TUTORIAL AND IT LOOK’S OK. Here is one error : HackAddr has the 0x and simply add the addresse after that!


Dear everyone,

You have successfully found my secret service website. It has come to my attention Maple Story hacking has gone down hill and will not last. Think about this, each patch you will have your little hero’s come to your rescue and come out with a bypass and some hacks…but then you will notice it will stop! This is because of the new VIP system ever site is now doing. I do understand that recently a MSCRC bypass was released and a little light is guiding us to the old ways, but it will come to an end.

I do understand a VIP area, but with w8baby fucking logging your account info, can you really trust them? Now let’s talk about GameKiller. GameKiller is by far the best community and hacking site you can really go on now a days. Like every other website, we have our leecher’s, scammer’s, forum lover’s, forum hater’s, etc (list goes on forever). But here is one thing that GAMEKILLER stands out compared to w8baby or even maplekiller (lol at their fail copy name). We are not money hungry. W8baby will advertise in a fucking release section as they are somehow loosing customer’s and will make it look so legit, yet it will a/b you or simply just suck. On the other hand, GameKiller has coder’s such as “The Nullz” who released stuff that W8BABY would keep in their “L33T” VIP area.

On the other hand, have you also seen our loved admin called “Blaze“. Well if no, you are CRAZY! Blaze is a admin where he supports the PUBLIC section! Crazy, I THINK NOT. Without him, some of those great hacks wouldn’t be here today! Now look at w8baby, ohhhh so what they had a SEMI working free vip weekend? Let me show you why this sucks for you… 1) Your GMS info got logged and 2) It is only for a weekend, while Blaze supports the PUBLIC for LIFE, while cam and dj are money hungry faggots and force you to buy everything, while Blaze can easily release FREE! Let’s also look at the LOL + EPIC FAIL at w8baby for 1 second. Have you EVER notice that w8baby COPIES what other site’s do? Example; Blaze release’s a nice FREE bypass ready to go, w8baby now releases AFTER Blaze with the exact same thing! Copier’s much? This shows how money hungry w8baby is and is scared to do anything! GameKiller is independent and a nice casual forum!

Funny…I know.  Now the reason I have this goodbye thread is because I am now SEMI leaving. I really have kinda hated the fact of a VIP area, but listen to this. Even though GameKiller has it’s up’s and down’s in its vip area, the members are so fucking loyal that it brings a tear to my eye. GameKiller will live on, and sadly other website’s will struggle. I am not permanent leaving, but deciding to take a long break. I plan on releasing nothing after this, but simply helping/spoon feeding (if you must call it that).

I have helped many people, and the one person who is literally my BEST FREIND on the internetz is mocoder. I have helped him on GameKiller and taught him a-lot of the basic’s, that now he is a GK Contributor and soon will be a coder and so fourth. I plan on helping many more people, but how much longer can I help?

This is why this is my final release. I had a teacher (if you call it that) which his name is reload. He has taught me so much (maybe a little spoon feed) that I now fucking understand it all. I plan on spending my summer learning more by reading books and so fourth.

This release is a OPEN SOURCE c dll trainer in an c++ compiler. You may now scratch your head and think, WTF is that?

See all those CE Trainer’s or tutorials on how to tick and close to start/activate your hacks? Not anymore, as this is an OPEN SOURCE and full tutorial on how to put a basic script(s) such as; Fall Through Floor, or Map Disconnect into this trainer!

Hopefully this will stop the era of CE trainer’s or even lower it and hopefully lower leeching…but sadly that will never happen! Now if you are smart you should stop buying w8baby’s VIP as it is simply logging your GMS id,pass,and pic and other information!  Simply move onto a true VIP which is GAMEKILLER’S VIP and have a nice community by your side with nice coder’s and members!

Now you may ask “But Goomba, you said you like the old ways with free public hacks and such, but you also said you support VIP?” What I believe is this; if you are willing to learn and have nothing from the beginning (and may have nothing later) you should try to learn coding and the basic’s before buying VIP. Now I do understand if you have a busy social life and just want to play as a high level player…that is where VIP comes in, and many people have forgotten this. VIP (to my extent) is a area where (yes) you do gain SOME L33T hacks and private hacks, otherwise most of it you can either; learn how to make it or simply wait till it is semi public (which may never come, but at least you didn’t pay anything)!

Just a little picture on how I can express my feelings of saying a simple SEMI goodbye to all of you! I will still be 24/7 active on GameKiller and msn, and I will still release a-lot (more than now), but I shall stay low and quiet for awhile…trying to focus on school atm until summer!

So conclusion; download source and I am SEMI gone until summer. And finally remember, GAMEKILLER MADE THIS HAPPEN. Gamekiller is the number one site for anything related to Maple Story hacks or bots, and is even yet better with our community and VIP area.

Download Link : See thread in my blog’s “RELEASED” section or find the thread “IT IS HERE” on the blog site, or simply go to and find under the MapleStory Global Release’s and Download’s under a thread called “Goomba’s Event”.


You have successfully found my secret little blog website.

Before I do something magical, please know I am going to post my .dll trainer source, thus changing the way people hack on maple story! Just picture that on “GameKiller” there will be no more CE trainer’s

I will also post my other source when 100% complete and will post a-lot of these hacks with A0B’s and even the bytes to input into the beloved source! This will be an EPIC release and should kinda shift the way people hack in maple story. So make a daily visit here or simply wait on GameKiller for an announcement.

I have been traveling on this road to long and I’m just trying to find my way back home.