Hello viewer’s,

This is the coder from “http://www.GameKiller.net” which I am “Goomba“.

If you want any script updated for “Maple Storythen please post it here and wait.

I may not be able to update all of the requested script’s, but I will post my own updated script’s.

I do have a busy life with the internet (GameKiller) and (Blog), so please understand I won’t be here all the time!

Thank you for your understanding,

Aerodynamic / Goomba


7 Responses to About

  1. Tuhin says:

    hi, Goomba. is it possible for you to give me a whisper dc hax packets or the applications. ty.

  2. Goomba says:

    Nope, public ones are available, no use, and would never leak a private one anyways.


  3. HyperBole says:

    how do u make scripts and update them pl0x?

  4. Goomba says:

    I have updated the site!

  5. Aaron says:

    Hello Goomba, Hal 9000 is currently not on the mediafire servers right now and I was wondering if you could send a alternative link of Hal 9000 to me at my email, or at my msn aaron18120@hotmail.com.

    Aaron – Moderator of MapleKillers

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