Long time no talk.

I am pretty sure you guys are confuesed.

My up coming source will include;

1) Same shit as old source.

2) Includes AOB scanning. Now some of you may be confused on this part. Let me explain further.

– You input the AOB of the address thus every patch you DO NOT need to update ANYTHING IN THE SOURCE! Once injected, IT AUTO UPDATES ITSELF! Now to HyperBole, 1 “?” represents 1 BYTE, so you DO NOT NEED “??” to represent 1 byte as you are wrong.

Example; IT IS NOT THIS: 0A ?? WO ?? FF ?? ETC

Example; IT IS THIS: 0A ? W0 ? FF ? ETC

I know that a lot of script up dater’s do that and so on, but they are fucking RETARDED.

3) Auto up-datable BYPASS. This one is self explanatory, but if needed, it auto updates itself every patch.

4) Added ICON to dialog. People have been spamming my INBOX on how to customize the GUI and shit.

I AM NOT telling you how to put a COLOR background due to it is fucking ugly and ruins the GUI. On the other hand, I will throw you a bone and include how to put a ICON in your dialog. If you disagree with me, go to waffles source and learn yourself.

Now I am reading some of your posts and I looked and saw Hyper Bole state something, which I believe you are confusing me…LOL.

– This will auto update every patch (from v.85 to v.86 lets say)

– No need to update it (including bypass, and hacks)

– THIS ONLY WORKS FOR GMS. You would have to convert the SCRIPTS and BYPASS to your region (KMS, EMS, etc)!

Now I saw you say something about AOB’S.

Here is an example of a script I inputted into my source for it to auto update itself;

//Goomba GK
//AOB = 73 ? DD 45 ? 8D 4E ? 51 51 DD 1C 24

db 76

db 73

Now this is a Teleport UP script.


Hopefully you are now not confused to what I am doing, and hopefully I set things straight with this.

P.S. I do know how to make a color background, but I am not spoon feeding, and by the way, if you want to know, GOOGLE is your friend.

And to johnny, I did not leave you out as I never leave a solider behind, I sadly did not test you NO KB script yet, but will for sure respond back to you ASAP as I am busy with my DRIVER SCHOOL!


Sneak Peak?

Who wants a sneak peak at the coding for *N/A* (may change name from Electro Gypsy to Recyclable) due to once you see the bit’s and piece’s of a sneak peak down below, you may understand why I may name the project Recyclable…

Sneak Peak 1;

Sneak Peak 2;

If you do not understand this, to bad so sad…

This will be a advanced source.

Let’s go round 2!


Big change…

is coming!


Information incoming…

Dear everyone,

The BP hack test’s were SEMI successful. As in, one address is fucked up and I will still be working at it for now. For now, the contest is closed and the user that DID supply me the Aran was “BishPop”. So thank you.


13324234 : I end school this Friday.

13122424 : Electro Gypsy is coming VERY SOON!

2W32323 : Information on Electro Gypsy;

1) Same source as my Goomba GameKiller Source

Now you say, WTF, YOU SUCK MAJOR DICK MAN! But, here is the catch. This one is identical to the other one, but 1 catch, it has a BYPASS FUNCTION.

I know it took me long to input this easy thing, but I was busy so stfu. I may be late, but fuck you. The way this is different from waffles is that it will come with a FULL TUTORIAL! This tutorial will explain how to update the bypass function each patch!

If you really want to hack, either wait for Electro Gypsy.dll every patch, and simply inject (bypass inside dll + with hacks), and hack!


Open the (coming soon) source and just edit like (a few) codes and your set to go for the patch, instead of those kid’s waiting for a bypass and hacks!

This source will also come with other feature’s that help the efficiency of hacking!

This has been done by waffle (grape drink), but no tutorial that a noob would understand. I am NOT saying you are a noob, just a newb! You are a person that is willing to learn and go solo, not like a noob that says that he/she will update it, and then begs for a bypass next patch. Waffle did explain the process good enough for someone with some experience to understand it, but no one else that was a noob understood it, and then when vr 86 hit, everyone begged for a bypass.

Hopefully this will finally put the rumors to rest on what Electro Gypsy.dll will contain, and do not worry, Bigger script’s tut will be coming after this!

Advantage of my source vs. waffles (grape drink)

+ You can edit an infinite amount of bytes, while waffles can’t

Thank you for still supporting me and GameKiller.net,


P.S. If you register on GameKiller.net, refer to Goomba!

Need Tester’s…


1) Level 30 + Aran (Any World)

2) Willing to get AUTO BANNED (HIGHLY DOUBT IT, but there is ALWAYS a chance!)

3) Must have a skill point on Body Pressure!


1) You get a very private hack (in a trainer)!

2) The trainer will be super packed so hack will not be leaked!

P.S. You should know what this is!

Contact Information;

A) GameKiller.net (Private message me)


B) Leave a comment below containing your; Email! Instant Messaging email (MSN MESSENGER) would be better, but if not, then I will still contact!

Thank you.

Changing name…

Dear user’s,

I have to sadly inform you of a name change…NOT CHANGING GOOMBA!

Though, I will be changing for that long and forgotten magickoopa.dll to ElectroGypsy.dll

Reason; This video;

P.S. Some people may find my release of Electro Gypsy kind of useless while others will find useful (for those who actually give a flying fuck about hacking). This has been done already by some very known user’s, but they are simply missing the simplicity of it and they are also forgetting that so far every community is “AWSOME EPIC TUTORIAL or GTFO”, which I will be releasing. This has no relationship as in further tutorial to expand on it, BUT, together, they cannot be stopped! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

– Goomba

Sign up now!

Dear invisible user’s,

Sign up soon as my updated script’s will only be viewed/downloaded either by;

A) Being a member on “GameKiller”


B) Being a member on “Goomba’s Secret Service”

You will get many perks a long the way if you sign up on my blog or GameKiller (hopefully I can think of some soon) like being able to get “sneek peeks” of certain programs, tutorials, etc before the public.

When signing up, I would recommend signing up with the same name you use on; GameKiller, Cheat Engine, etc…as it will be easier for all of us to identify who you are! Obviously, if you are new, please take a look at (GameKiller.net) before coming to this BLOG.

Thank you,