It’s Alright, It’s Ok!

I passed the driver’s ed TEST with a 97%. I kinda cheated (I really did not need to due to it being easy) but I was nervous.

Since I am finally done everything and I have no pressure, I think it is the right time to start writing a TUTORIAL included with my 2nd source (LOL GOOMBA, YOU MEAN BOOK!)? Well ya, probably a book since it will be AS EASY as the last “tutorial” AKA BOOK, LOL!

Here is a song to get you motivated;


Now the waiting game kicks in!



Dear HyperBole,

Blaze want’s me to inform you to add him to his email so he can talk to you regarding your ban.

Just add ; so then I can message you with blaze’s email!


Goomba + Blaze + GameKiller

P.S. Please don’t hate GK! They love your boss timer and the fact you were there!

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